Track package, parcel, shipment & post using tracking number


Track and trace

Service US-Package offers to track the parcel with the subsequent receipt of E-Mail notifications. As a result, you get a summary of the order flow. Often, sellers from China, for example, AliExpress, send goods by China post, and the final delivery is carried out by the USPS. In our interface, the statuses of various services are combined, you will see the most detailed track of your parcel.

Where is your parcel?

Tracking number is an unique code of a parcel, also called an email tracking number or tracking number. Tracking number, the international postal identifier of the departure on which the delivery service is oriented. Track code allows you to track the passage of the order through sorting centers, intermediate points, as well as the fact of delivery of the parcel to the recipient. Track the parcel by the number of the parcel and receive notification of the status change to the e-mail address.

Track your shipment

Looking forward to receiving an order? Can not wait to find out where he is and when will he be delivered? Find all the information you are interested in on our site US-Package. You need to know tracking number of your parcel. This is convenient if to track many parcels from different countries, shops and from different vendors at one place. Also, you will begin to receive email notifications of changes in the location of the order.

UPS, USPS and EMS parcels tracking

Service Where the Package already fully tracks registered mailings of the USA, China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In addition, the tracking of parcels from Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Japan, Poland, France, Korea and other countries is partially supported.

After you enter the track number in a special field on the site US-Package, the system will give you information about the last location of your departure. Thanks to our service, you can track the departure throughout its journey! Knowing all the necessary information, it will not be difficult to track your parcel by number.

USPS tracking

In addition, we have a full list of state US ZIP codes on our website, which allows you to quickly search for mail items, just filling out the necessary information to receive the parcel.

Our service will track your track 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We already conduct more than 1 million tracking numbers. parcels which is on the first place, takes the leading place on delivery of cargoes worldwide. We remind you that there is an opportunity to subscribe to changing the status of your mailings. It is necessary to register on the site and insert the tracking number into the form in the site header.