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The Canada Post Corporation, generally only English Canada Post or French Postes Canada, is the Canadian Post Office. Founded in 1867, the company employs approximately 72,000 people, making it one of the largest Canadian employers.

Canada Post delivers an average of 40 million shipments per day to 14 million addresses. There are 6,600 post offices in Canada; the daily mail is delivered by 15,000 mail carriers to more than 20,000 delivery routes. On 11 December 2013 it was announced that the delivery of the home within the next 5 years should generally be terminated in favor of rural mail delivery to mailboxes. There are daily 585 national flights on behalf of Canada Post.

In 2007, the company generated $ 7.5 billion in sales of 11.8 billion shipments, resulting in a net profit of $ 56 million.

Canada Post types

Let's take a closer look at the Canada post shipping types and choose the most optimal for you.

  • Priority ™ Worldwide pak - this shipping method is the fastest of all, but only one problem, it is carried out by FedEx.
  • International Parcel - Air is the most common way to send purchases from Canada by air mail. The delivery time to Europe is about 7 days, the shipment goes to the local postage service and as a consequence may cause import fees depending on your country import laws. Fast, convenient, profitable, and most optimal.
  • International Parcel - Surface - on ground delivery option. From the previous method differs only by the way of Canada Post shipping, that is, by land and sea, as a consequence, the time increases in times. The cost is a bit cheaper. The parcel also comes to your local post office. This method is convenient when saving money and not saving time.
  • Small Packet ™ - International Air - as the name suggests, the method is suitable for sending small parcels and letters by air mail. Comes to the local post office.
  • Small Packet ™ - International Surface - a way for the most patient and most thrifty buyers, small parcels and letters by land and sea. If you do not hurry and save money, it's your choice. Comes to the local post office.

Tracking of postal items from Canada is possible on our website, just enter the tracking number and click the “TRACK” button.

Generally, Canada Post does not differ by mega cheap prices for its services, apparently not affected by too advanced Internet commerce, compared to a neighbor of the United States, and low competition. But anyway, it works stably, quickly and reliably, and as long as the parcel does not reach the territory of the Russian Federation, one can not worry about it. Yes, I almost forgot, I strongly recommend that you insure all the items, the costs are minimal, and risks, though not immediately, but cover!

General information on parcel tracking

Canada Post Delivery terms

The standard for the shipping of regular mail sent to Canada:

  • 2 working days for local mail
  • 3 business days for parcels in rural and distant regions
  • 4 business days for countrywide delivery

This time frame is not guaranteed, as weather conditions and the volume of postal shipments can affect the speed of delivery.

Delivery to the USA

Standard regular mail delivery sent from Canada to the United States takes up to 4-6 working days.

Outside of the US and Canada

International shipping outside US and Canada takes from 4 to 7 working days.

Shipping time standards

Canada post offers special Find A Rate tool to determine estimate delivery types for each region.

How to track Canada Post parcels

You can track the package using our online tool BoxTracker. First, you will need one of the following:

  • Tracking number from your check or package
  • A delivery notification card that you received by mail
  • Reference number provided by the person who sent the package and the date of shipment

Tracing by tracking number of Canada Post

In the field "Tracking number" enter the tracking number.
Click the "Track It" button to see the results.

What is a Canada Post tracking number?

Your tracking number is on your receipt or directly on your package.

Canada Post Tracking numbers consist of either:

  • 16 numeric digits (0000 0000 0000 0000) or:
  • 13 numeric and alphabetic characters (AA 000 000 000 AA)

Tracking on notification

  1. Select an option to track the delivery notification card number.
  2. In the number field) of the delivery notification, enter the Canada Post shipping card number.
  3. Click the "Track" button to see the results.

What is a delivery notification number?

The number of the delivery notification card is on the notification card that you received by mail

The numbers of the delivery notification cards consist of 15 digits