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DHL Express is an international postal and freight carrier. Customer service is offered in 220 countries. For the benefit of the company are working 325 000 employees, who have to solve a wide range of transportation tasks from day to day. DHL means the Deutsche Post

DHL Group, which is the leader in worldwide postal services and logistics. In the delivery and tracking of DHL Express shipments, the organization is not going to stop there and is trying to become the best transport company in the world. And not only as a carrier, but also as an employer and an object of investment. Tracking of DHL Express cargo and its shipment occurs reliably and without limits by aviation, automobile, sea and railway transport. Company carries out the transportation services, taking into account the special requirements of customers. In addition, the company introduced a number of "green methods", providing the most profitable routes, alternative vehicles and energy-efficient warehouses. Thus, the amount of harmful emissions was reduced and the climate was taken into account when transporting and storing goods.

If you want to track the delivery of the DHL Express, then use the US-Package function Track and trace. This function will help you always stay informed about the location of your cargo.

You can also track the DHL Express packages on the official website of the company. If you have any questions about your shipment, please call the hotline. The number for your shipment can be found on the official website of the company.

Track number format DHL Express

All consignments sent via DHL Express are assigned a unique 10-digit number (invoice number). For this number, the item is tracked along the entire route.

Example of DHL Express tracking number: 1234576890

Tracking DHL Express parcels

Tracking of DHL Express shipments must be made on a special page of the DHL website.

The page for tracking items:

In the "Tracking Numbers" field, enter the tracking number (invoice number) and click the Submit button to display the result. You can simultaneously track up to 10 track numbers.

In addition, information on the movement of the departure can be obtained by calling +1 800-225-5345 , or by sending a request to an e-mail DHL using a special form.

Another way to clarify the information on the movement of your departure is online call to DHL through a special form.

DHL Express is express delivery, it is delivered by special courier service by DHL Express - the parcel is delivered by the courier to the specified address.

All parcels are assigned a unique number.

Number format: 10 digits (example: 1234567890)

By this number, the parcel can be tracked on the website of DHL Express or on US-Package