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FedEx is an American company that provides transportation services all over the world. The service began its existence in 1971. The founder of Federal Express is Frederick Wallace Smith. Federal Express entered the Fortune 1000 in 2012, taking the seventieth place. The FedEx brand is associated with many amazing stories. For example, at the very beginning the company experienced not the best times. At the time when it was required to cover fuel costs of $ 24,000, but in account was only 5,000. Then Frederick Smith withdrew all the funds and went to Las Vegas to subsequently win there $ 27,000 in blackjack. Today, 660 cargo planes help in the delivery and tracking of Fedex.

Airlines operate on a par with the Federal Express trucks and forward millions of parcels and packages with documents to more than 220 countries around the world every day. Fedex offers tracking and forwarding to any corner of the planet. The firm introduced a model of cooperation, such as track-and-trace - accounting and tracking of items. The number of employees reached 300 000 people. However, this success is not enough for Fedex, so the company plans to continue its journey ahead. Fedex introduced a lot of technological innovations. Federal Express provides tracking and an intercontinental and international express forwarding service. Outside the United States is the largest nodal center of Fedex. It is located in Paris. Tracking Federal Express and sending - it's a whole amazing business story. For example, the Federal Express transported the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, white pandas, white tiger, pedigree horses and a hippopotamus. However, these are not all the unusual parcels from Federal Express. Fedex highly appreciates the ecology and pays special attention to it.

How to track Fedex package

  1. Find the tracking number of your package on FedEx receipts.
    • This number can be indicated on the confirmation of the shipment as the tracking number, identification number or as the tracking number of the shipment.
    • It can also be indicated in the e-mail confirming the dispatch.
    Pro tip (!) If you have a FedEx account, you can track your parcel by ID number, date of dispatch and account number.
  2. Enter the tracking number (up to 30 characters).
  3. Tracking numbers are entered one at a time in each line.
  4. Click the " Track it " button.

You can also call 1-800-463-3339 to clarify the location of the FedEx package.

Also, tracking Fedex can be used on the official website. And you can find out details in case of any questions, by calling 1 800 463 3339. You can also find additional contacts for communication on the official website.

Fedex Tracking Number Format

The most popular format contains 12 symbols (e.g. 1234 5678 9012) or 15 symbols (e.g. 1111 2222 3333 444). Other formats can be also met, such as 20 symbols and 22 symbols.

Federal Express contact information

Main site:
Phones: 1 800 463 3339 (USA)
Help page in English:
FAQ page in English:
Facebook page:
Twitter page:

YouTube channel:

FedEx bans and restrictions

Conditions for the carriage of goods by FedEx:

The main limitations are:

Limitations on size and weight Packages vary depending on the country or Federal Express services. More information is available on request.

The restrictions on the total weight of several places in one Shipment do not exist, provided that the weight of the individual Packages in the Shipment does not exceed the maximum weight of the Packaging set for the destination. If the shipment weight exceeds 225 kilograms, a preliminary agreement with FedEx is required. More information is available on request.

Packages are considered to be large, if at a weight of less than 68 kg (or other limiting weight for the country of destination) they exceed 330 cm (or other size limit for the country of destination) along the length and girth together. FedEx may refuse to ship such Shipments or, if it agrees to their transportation, of its choice, can add them to the FedEx International Priority Freight (International Freight Forwarding 1-3 working days) or FedEx International Economy 4-5 working days), at the same time they can be applied to the tariff as to Shipments with a minimum weight of 68 kg, regardless of the real weight.