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Helpful information

CAINIAO - mail service owned by Alibaba Group, a holding company that includes Aliexpress, and Taobao online shops; Alibaba wholesaler directory, social network of buyers from the Internet iTao; as well as the Chinese payment system AliPay. Most part of the above resources use Aliexpress Standard Shipping (CAINIAO) as the main service for transporting goods to customers. The main feature of this service is the fact that it is not a delivery service at all, when understood in the classic approach. CAINIAO - a kind of dispatch center, which, in partnership with the world's biggest postal services, provides logistics and continuity of postal shipments from China.

As partners of Aliexpress Standard Shipping, you can find such giants of mailing and transportation as the state postal services of Singapore and Finland, Fedex, UPS and many other business giants in the field of postal service. The cost of shipping by means of Aliexpress Standard Shipping may be somewhat more expensive than for example China Post, but nevertheless, CAINIAO provides shorter delivery terms - up to 45 days. In comparison, the Chinese postal service delivers parcels from Aliexpress to 2 months. Aliexpress Standard Shipping also provides express delivery services, using the services of which your package CAINIAO will be at the destination point not later than 15 days from the date of departure.

If you are waiting for a package sent with the help of CAINIAO - you can safely track it with our service.

How to track the delivery of Aliexpress Standard Shipping parcels with TrackingShipment

Enter the Aliexpress parcel tracking number of without spaces and dashes, one per line. Make sure that the tracking number is a combination of letters or numbers and does not contain other character types.

The system can also recognize only correctly written tracking numbers; some incorrect numbers may require you to correct them manually.

Display Results

Enter the tracking number of the package with Aliexpress, then press the "TRACK" button, the tracking result will be received from the mail transfer operator and displayed on the page.

The status of the items or the result of tracking Aliexpress

Parcel not found

The Aliexpress package is not found at the moment, the reason may be:

  • Your tracking number is invalid, invalid or has expired.
  • The carrier has not yet accepted your parcel.
  • The carrier has not yet added information about your parcel.

Typically, after the sender has sent your shipment, the carrier will process it, and then scans and enters the tracking information. Sometimes there may be a delay between scanning and monitoring availability in their system. Typically, processing takes several days, so tracking information may not be displayed immediately, try again later or contact the service provider.

Waiting for the carrier

Ordinarily, this means that the operator has received information about the sending but has not yet received the parcel for sorting.

A package is available to receive

The goods arrived at a local post office, i.e. you can schedule a delivery or pick up a postal item at the office. Remember the deadlines for storing postal items.

General explanation:

  • Your package arrived at the local delivery point,
  • Your package is not available for home delivery.

If you make sure that your Aliexpress package was successfully delivered, please ignore this notice. However, if you did not receive your parcel, we recommend that you contact the carrier to arrange a delivery or receive your goods at the postal office.

(!) Pro tip. As a rule, the carrier has a data collection period, we would advise you to immediately take your package, or it can be sent to the sender. delivered

The goods were successfully delivered to the addressee.

In most cases, the status of the delivery tracking indicates that the carrier has successfully delivered the parcel. If the recipient did not receive it, we recommend that you contact the sender of the package or the carrier for details.


The goods sent by Aliexpress have been prepared for delivery, but failed, this can be caused by several reasons. Please contact the carrier for clarification. Possible reasons for the unsuccessful attempt to deliver the goods:

  • the addressee is not available at the time of delivery
  • delivery is delayed and carried forward
  • the recipient requested a later delivery
  • address problem - can not find rooms, problems in delivering to rural and remote areas, etc.

If you make sure that your mail has been successfully delivered, please ignore this notification. However, if you do not receive your package, we recommend that you contact the shipment to arrange a re-delivery or receive your goods.

(!) Pro tip. As a rule, the carrier has a data collection period, we would advise you to immediately take your package, or it can be sent to the sender.

Left the country of origin

The element was "Left the country of origin". Typically, this means that your CAINIAO package has left the country of origin in the direction of the destination. Do not worry if you find that it does not go directly to your destination, because the transportation route can cross other countries.

Arriving at the destination

Usually this tracking result means that your package has arrived in the country of destination, but before delivery, you need to wait for an official notification.


This tracking result means that the goods with Aliexpress have arrived at the post office and are waiting for you on the pickup truck or just on the way to the post office. Remember the timing of data collection. Therefore, we advise you to contact the carrier to pick up your goods as soon as possible. Typically, the carrier has a deadline for admission, we would advise you to immediately pick up your mail, or it can be returned to the sender.

Security Check Error

This means that your CAINIAO package has not passed the security check and can not be sent.