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Moldovan Post - tracking package

Central Post Office

By the Law of the Republic of Moldova "On Mail", adopted on May 18, 1995, the "Moldovan Post" was appointed by the national operator, which has exclusive rights to provide basic postal services, and the existing means of mail communication were declared state property on the day of enactment of the law.

Since February 1996, Poşta Moldovei has started to provide EMS Moldova fast mail service.

Since January 2007, "Moldovan Post" has joined the cooperative Telematics.

In addition to universal postal services, the company provides e-mail services and Internet access services to the population, which was facilitated by the introduction in May 2005 of an automated system for the exchange of international items via e-mail "IFS-STEFI".

The information system "Automation of the postal operator's workplace" has been working at the enterprise since December 2004, allowing postal employees in the field to work online with the central server of the "Post of Moldova".

Types of postal shipments in Moldova

All postings of the Moldovan Post are divided into registered (with the ability to track) and not registered (without traceability).

When ordering goods, the seller provides you with a 13-character track number for tracking.

The type of track number depends on the Chinese postal operator.

Examples of incoming international track numbers:

  1. China Post (China Post) - RA ... CN, CD ... CN
  2. Honkong Post - RA ... HK, CD ... HK
  3. Singapore Post (Singapore Post) - RA ... SG

Outgoing registered international shipments are assigned to the following tracking number type:

  • - Rx ... MD - for small packages up to 2 kg
  • - Cx ... MD - for parcels from 2 to 20 kg

where the first letter is the identifier of the item, x is the Latin letter that provides the uniqueness of the number. The digital code in the middle of the number is also unique for each item.

The last two letters indicate the country of departure. In our case, MD is Moldova.

Posta Moldovei (Moldovan Post) Tracking Numbers

When receiving the track number from the seller, it is recommended to first track it on the website of the Chinese postal company before exporting to the destination country.

To track the parcel on the Moldovan Post website, you need to enter the track number in a special field and press the TRACK button.

After that, the information on your track number will be displayed, if it is in the database.

You will see detailed information on your track number, as well as the history of passing your parcel of intermediate points on the territory of Moldova until you receive it in the form of a table. The table contains the following information - Local date and time, Country, City, Event, Additional information.

Tracking Status of Moldovan Post packages

Let's consider the basic statuses when tracing postal items of the Moldovan Post by the example of sending sent from another country to the territory of Moldova:

  1. Republic of Moldova, CHISINAU, Entering the exchange office
  2. Republic of Moldova, CHISINAU, Sending of departure to customs
  3. Republic of Moldova, CHISINAU, Release from customs
  4. Republic of Moldova, CHISINAU, Sending to the destination exchange office
  5. Republic of Moldova, CP TRANSNISTRIA, Admission to the Delivering Agency
  6. Republic of Moldova, CP TRANSNISTRIA, Unsuccessful delivery attempt, Reason: The consignee is absent during delivery, Decision: The addressee is notified about the possibility of receiving the parcel
  7. Republic of Moldova, CP TRANSNISTRIA, Issued to the recipient, SIGNED BY: CA ...... .CN

In a detailed review of these statuses do not need, here and so everything is clear.