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New Zealand Post: Main postal service in New Zealand

New Zealand Post is an old postal corporation acting as main postal service provider in the New Zealand. The company was established in the middle of XIX century. Now, NZ Post has multiple departments that offer a long list of different services for businesses as well as for natural persons.

The processing capacity of New Zealand Post covers every city and populated area in the country. Each year company handles over 700 mln packages and letters to more than 1.94 mln destinations.

The variety of services offered by NZ Post are not limited by ordinary mail, but also include the handling of packages and freight, as well as different financial services. The financial network maintained by the company, handles over 19 mln transactions yearly.

Nevertheless, New Zealand post concentrates its main effort on the satisfaction of its clients. NZ Post staff makes everything possible to favor each client. In case the parcel exceeds the standard dimensions, the company’s staff will find how to send your package or freight in the most convenient way. This approach is very useful and makes a step forward from its competitors.

In addition, New Zealand Post has its own tracking service to trace every package handled by the postal service. The tracking service makes possible receiving detailed info on the status and location of the package.

New Zealand Post Package Tracking

New Zealand Post tracking service was made exclusively for the clients of this postal service. The system provides the most detailed info on each package handled by the provider. The service, of course, is available online.

To track the NZ Post packages via official tracking service, client needs to go to the postal service’s official website and enter the tracking number of the package. The tracking system supports tracking of the domestic and international mailings.

NZ Post tracking service allows to receive information about letters, mails and packages. All NZ post packages can be tracked with maximum precision.

The tracking framework is in continuous maintenanced by special staff and customer support team. Every staff member keeps in mind the ultimate importance of continuity of the tracking service. The interruption of the regular workflow can can result a big problem for the numerous clients of the company.

New Zealand Post provides all important information on each shipment. The information about the mail or parcel includes:

  1. Weight;
  2. Address of the location;
  3. Estimated time for delivery;
  4. Prices;
  5. Data on addressor and addressee.

US-Package System vs NZ Post Tracking Service

Most of the postal service clients use tracking option to trace their packages. This is caused by the importance of the package for the addressor and addressee, urgency on shipments or just cause.

It is easy to use regular tracking system if you have one or two packages. In case there you have more shipments it becomes more difficult to track each package, especially in case if the items are sent by different carriers. Thats why using US-Package its so convinient and easy. The tracking service provides every accessible information about your parcels by one click.

New Zealand Post customer service

New Zealand Post hotline number: 0800 501 501

New Zealand Post official website:

New Zealand Post tracking number: AA123456789NZ