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Nova Poshta (Nova Posta) - express delivery of documents, cargo and parcels for individuals and businesses. A transport company that offers its customers fast service. It was founded in 2001. The organization opened more than 2,200 communication outlets and installed about 1,500 mailboxes throughout Ukraine.

Sending of the parcel or letter can be carried out from the Nova Post post office or it is issued with the help of a courier called to you to the office or to the house.

Delivery to the addressee can also be made in a way that suits you, depending on the choice of method: delivery to the department, courier to door, delivery to the post office.

Business clients are provided with such services as fulfillment - a complex of warehouse services. Includes: the receipt of goods in the warehouse, the completion of orders, the preparation of accompanying documentation, packaging and transfer of orders to the delivery service. All additional information on the provision of services and tariffs of the carrier, see their official website.

How to understand if the delivery is carried by Nova Poshta?

Check the track number of the actual order on if you see in the "Delivery" column: Free delivery to Ukraine by SF eParcel (SF Express), or Nova Poshta delivery, then most likely your parcel will be delivered free of charge to your home.

If the parcel from the online stores is delivered by the Nova Poshta, then, as a rule, you will receive the corresponding SMS-notification, where the data will be indicated, including the branch address where you can receive your order.

To pick up your parcel with an order, you will need a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or another document according to the list on the official website of the company Nova Poshta: (Ukrainian).

From general experience, the delivery of parcels with Nova Poshta courier service is free, but there were precedents when I had to deliver the delivery services in the New Mail office to pick up the parcel.

For their services in the Nova Poshta department they require a payment of UAH 31, even if the goods value is 50 cents.

What if the parcel with Aliexpress is lost or is its contents corrupted?

In the event that the results of the internal investigation indicate that the liability for loss or damage to the contents is borne by Nova Posta, the company compensates the recipient for the cost of the goods.

To do this, you must apply to any office and file a claim.

The advantages of parcel delivery with Nova Poshta

  • promptness - the delivery takes about 2-3 weeks;
  • economy - usually the delivery is paid by the seller, in other way the cost is very cheap;
  • targeting - the parcel can be delivered by courier, having agreed upon the time convenient for you;
  • reliability - most parcels are tracked, and on arrival sms arrives, which is a parcel in your city.

Nova Poshta Tracking Numbers

Track the Nova Poshta parcel tracking number, which will be delivered by the postal service which is usually specified in the SMS message and consists of 11 or 14 digits. Here is an example of tracking numbers:

915 ********* or 612 ********* or SF ********* NPI

When the shipment arrives in Ukraine, it is assigned an internal number.

This number can be:

2060 ********** or 59 ************.

How to track the Nova Poshta parcel?

Track the Nova Poshta parcel using the tracking number in the field above and clicking the “Track” button.