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NL Post brief summary and tracking information

The Post NL became especially popular with sellers of online shops after the introduction of the China Post prohibiting the transfer of batteries and batteries. The high congestion of Holland's Post had a significant impact on the delivery time of shipments.

In this regard, the recipients at various thematic forums ask themselves: how much is the PostNL parcel from the Netherlands to destination and where to trace the parcel of PostNL. The average delivery time of PostNL parcels from China through the Netherlands is 30-60 days. But they reach up to 90 days, so the feedback from the NL Post is often negative.

There is another noteworthy moment associated with the Post NL tracking system. Since the delivery of shipments from China to the Netherlands takes about 5-7 days, some more time is needed to enter the Post NL and handle the departure. Therefore, the first post-tracking status of the Post NL is shown on the 10-14 day after the purchase of the goods.

US-Package - convenient PostNL tracking of parcels by tracking number. Enter your track number and get the current status of the mail.

PostNL is one of the best, stable and fastest budget ways to deliver goods from China. Of course, courier delivery of EMS or FedEX will be much faster, but the price for such methods of delivery starts from $ 20 and inexpensive goods they do not send.

How PostNL Works

PostNL is the postal service of the Netherlands, so all mail go through this country. A PostNL parcel from China is first delivered to a sorting center in the Netherlands, then sent by regular mail with tracking. Usually mails sent from China via PostNL reach your country in 2-3 weeks. This, of course, is not very fast, but it is stable. If parcels can go from one week to several months through the post of China, then there usually is no problem with the Netherlands mail, it is stable for 2-3 weeks.

Tracking PostNL

PostNL tracking begins by mail of your country as soon as they cross the border of the Netherlands. However, such parcels also have other statuses, which can only be seen on the website of the Netherlands Post. But about everything in order.

You can start tracking a few days after the seller sent the parcel. Press the "Track parcel" button after entering the number of your shipment and you will see the destination country and postal index. In response you will see the following information:

Details about the Post NL tracking statuses:

The item is pre-advised - tracking status means the parcel has taken courier service from the seller and delivers to the NL, usually it takes 5-7 days.

The item is at the PostNL sorting center - tracking status means that mail is delivered to the NL and is located in the local sorting center, in the very near future it will be sent to your country.

- Your item is on transport to the country of destination - tracking status means your parcel is sent. Starting from this status, the mail will be normally visible and it can be further monitored.

Sending PostNL to the Post of Destination Country

Mail delivered by PostNL stably reach destination in 7-10 days (the time between export and import), pass customs and then go through destination country, like all other shipments.

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