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Brief information Royal Mail the national Great Britain postal carrier was created in 1516. Since then all parcels within the UK and international mail are serviced by this postal service. In the modern world, Royal Mail delivers letters through the whole territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the delivery of international correspondence sent from these countries. Royal Mail is still a state-owned company, despite the fact that the postal corporation is corporatized. 90% of the shares are owned by the state and 10% employees of Royal Mail. The main direction of Royal Mail is delivery of written letters and small packages weighing up to 2 kg. Delivery of parcels (over 2 kg.) Is carried out by a subsidiary company ParcelForce, which is simultaneously an EMS-division of Royal Mail. Royal Mail track number format

International postal items (IPI) denoted as Royal Mail Letter and Royal Mail Small Packet are unregistered and do not have tracking numbers. International postal items marked Royal Mail Signed-For are registered by the postal service and are assigned an international tracking number (World Postal Union) format (S10 standard). The format of the Royal Mail tracking number is as follows: Rx123456785GB Where: X a Latin letter from A to Z, which allows to ensure the uniqueness of the number; 123456785 a digital code that allows to ensure the uniqueness of the number; GB designation of the country of the sender (in this case Great Britain United Kingdom) in accordance with the S10 WPU standard. It should be noted that it is not possible to determine the recipient's country by the track number of the IPI. This possibility is not in principle envisaged in the structure of the track number. Tracking Royal Mail

  • You are on the page for tracking parcels In the field to enter the number, enter your 13-digit tracking number and click the Track button to display the result. In the country of receipt, tracking should be done on the website of the national postal operator. If you, as a private person, want to shop at an online store, you should first of all read the following information: Most often for delivery from the UK, the following methods are used from those that Royal Mail offers:
  • Airmail- the standard airmail. There is insurance. No tracking.
  • Airmail Signed- the same, but with tracking.

Parcel Force courier service, EMS partner. Before placing the order, make sure that this product is allowed for export abroad. To do this, go to the Royal Mail website and read the list of forbidden goods for shipment, and also get acquainted with the list of goods for which shipment is subject to limitations. Immediately it is worth mentioning that if you have already made purchases in foreign online stores, then these lists do not find anything new: the same drugs, weapons, explosive items, etc.

If your future purchase does not contradict the above points, proceed to measuring and computing operations:

  • The weight of the parcel should be not bigger than 2 kilograms per shipment, incl. packaging. For printed products a limit of up to 5 kg. If the weight is more (but up to 30 kg), you will have to use services Parcel force EMS (partnered with Royal Mail).
  • Dimensions. H/W/D should be not bigger than 90 cm. The size of one side should not exceed 60 cm. Parcel Force handles the delivery of more dimensional parcels.