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Helpful information

Government-owned company “Russian post” was established by a government decree of September 5, 2002. The official registration and adoptation of the company dates 13.02.03

"Russian Post" has in its network 86 local branches, 42,000 offices. The company also is a big employer having around 350,000 enrolled employees, of which 87% are women. The enterprise offers delivery and postal services in the whole territory of the Russian Federation with an area of ​​17,000,000 square kilometers. Russian post works permanently in 9 timezones, sending and receiving packages by 2.6M road, 1.2K air and 106 railway routes. Russian post has a wide range of vehicles that counts more than 18K cargo trucks, 827 light trucks and vans, 4 naval ships, 4 helicopters and one animal - horse.

The Russian Post has an important role in the national infrastructure. The enterprise directly influences the development of other sectors.

Every year, employees of the Russian Post receive and send more than 2.4 billion. parcels and postal items, 1.7 billion prints, 595 million communal and other promissory notes, 488 million pensions and benefits, and 113 million remittances.

The company carries out its activities under the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The main office of the company is located in Moscow.

History of the Russian Post

On June 28, 2002, by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, a new concept was adopted to restructure the postal communication system at the federal level. This concept assumed the integration of all post offices of the country into one organization, for centralized control andallocation of resources. The enterprise is state-owned and is controlled at the federal level.

The range of activity of the Post of Russia was eventually supplemented by retail trade, the federal service for money transfers, EMS express delivery, photo printing and many other services.

Tracking the parcels of the Russian Post

The system of tracking the parcels of the "Post of Russia" allows all customers of this company to check the postal status in the online mode. The system quickly generates data and provides all available information about the sending and where it is at the moment.

How to track the sending of the Post of Russia?

  • In order to find out where your package is located, you need to pay attention to the following.
  • To find out the approximate time of arrival and other details, you must use the tracking number of the Russian Post. This is a special tracking code that is unique to any package. You must provide it to the sender (online store, company or private person).
  • Fill in the search box at the top of the web page with this tracking code.
  • Click the Track button and wait until the report is ready.

What if I can not trace the parcel?

The reasons why the track number can not be tracked can be several. Most of these reasons are easily solvable, and sometimes do not need a special solution. The main reasons why the parcel is not tracked by track number:

Not enough time has passed since the sending of the parcel and the number has not yet entered the database. Sometimes it happens that the track number is not tracked until 10 days from the date of sending the parcel. Here the main thing is to have patience and wait until the parcel starts to be traced in the system.

Tracking number is incorrect. In this case, you need to clarify again the track number from the seller or sender. Also check the spelling of the number. Perhaps you made a mistake when copying or typing a number on the keyboard.

In any case, do not worry, though the reasons why not tracked the track code are not limited to those listed, there is always a solution. As a rule, all parcels reach the addressee, and in the extreme case, you can always open a dispute in the online store and you will return the money spent.