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Tracking Singapore Post parcels

Singapore Post (Singapore Post) is considered to be better alternative to China Post in speed of delivery considerations and for tracking parcels through the global network. In this regard, is not uncommon on AliExpress as a paid delivery. According to statistics, it is slightly slower than the Hongkong Post.

If the seller on AliExpress offers this mail as a free delivery, then boldly choose, you will not lose. It is also recommended to choose Singapore mail on the eve of major holidays, as China Post and Hongkong Post are beginning to experience problems and delays in delivery.

Singapore Post: brief information about the company

Singapore Post (Singapore Post) - the state main postal operator of Singapore.

Singapore Post does not restrict the sending of devices containing batteries that are prohibited for sending by China Post and Hong Kong. This is used by sellers Aliexpress, offering the delivery of smartphones, tablets and electronic cigarettes Singapore Post.

In China, Singapore Post Limited operates through its logistics partners, for example 4px express, which ensure the delivery of parcels from the seller.

US-Package - convenient tracking service of Singapore Post parcels by tracking number. Enter your track number and get the current status of the parcel.

Singapore Post delivery types

Singapore Post dispatches are divided into registered (with the ability to track) and not registered (without traceability).

Each registered international parcel of Singapore Post is provided with 13-character track number, through which the tracking is performed.

Here is an example track number:

Rx156328459SG - for mail with weight up to 2kg, where x is a Latin letter that ensures the uniqueness of the number, as well as indicating the belonging to the territorial post office. The digital code in the middle of the tracking number is also unique for each item. SG - the designation of the country from which the shipment takes place (SG - Singapore).

How to track Singapore Post parcels?

The Singapore Post tracking service shows 2 statuses when tracking:

  • INFORMATION RECEIVED - Information has appeared about the postal item (This is not a confirmation of the physical receipt of the item). This status takes place, as Singapore's mail is not in China. Forwarding is carried out by partner companies.
  • Despatched to Overseas (Country code: XX) - The shipment is sent to the country of destination (Country code: XX - the letter of the country of destination).

Singapore Post Partner Companies

If you need more information about whereabouts, then you need to resort to the help of partner companies.

  1. If you have a track number of the form RF ... SG, then you are lucky - this is the company 4PX Express with the fastest phase of the passage of the parcel from the seller to the time of export (1-3 days). The company is located on the territory of Hong Kong.
  2. If you have a track number of the type RQ ... SG, then the transportation in China is carried out by Quantium Solutions. The average transit time from the seller to the export takes 7-15 days. The company is located on the territory of Hong Kong.
  3. If you have a track number of the form RX ... SG, then transportation through the territory of China is carried out by Michaoo. The average transit time from the seller to the time of export takes 3-10 days.
  4. If you have a track number of the form RA ... SG, then be prepared for the fact that the information on it will appear only after the export of the parcel. The average transit time from the seller to the time of export takes 3-10 days.

After exporting the package, you should then track it on the destination country's mail site.

The delivery time of the postal items of Singapore Post, stated on AliExpress is 15-50 days.
There may be delays in connection with the holidays and weekends in China.

Why does the search show - no data?

The most common reason for the lack of tracking records is the incorrectly printed tracking number. It is recommended to check with the sender if you are not sure about the corectness of the number. In addition, it takes up to 24 hours to display a new package in the system.

When will my Singapore Post parcel will be delivered?

It is recommended that you check the local office for accurate results, because the delivery hours depend on the product and location.

Singapore post Customer Service

Phone numbers:

1605 - hot line customer service 24/7
+65 6841 2000 - international customer service (dial 1)
+65 6222 5777 - Hot line Speedpost 24/7