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Swiss Post is the state postal service of Switzerland. It was created in 1675. Currently, they are one of Europe's leading postal companies.

Swiss Post renders services not only physically or legally to individuals in Switzerland, but also to large logistics companies. One of them is the SFC (SendFromChina) Warehouse Fulfillment Service. This company delivers mail from the territory of China, through Singapore, to the sorting center in the city of Dietzenbach (Germany), where postal items are sent for delivery to Switzerland. When processing such items in China, Swiss postal numbers are used.

Formats of track codes Swiss Post

Tracking Swiss Post parcels

Swiss Post track codes have the format UPU (International Postal Union), so visually little differ from the track codes of the same China Post Registered Air Mail, except for the letter identifier consisting of two letters "CH" at the very end of the track code and denoting Country of the sender. In addition, depending on the type of departure, track codes can have different formats:

  • Rx571654826CH is a registered international package weighing up to 2 kg
  • Cx571654826CH is a registered international package weighing up to 20 kg
  • Ex571654826CH - esepress delivery EMS through Switzerland

As you can see, the track code consists of 13 characters, two letters at the beginning, followed by a unique nine-digit number and two letters at the end of the "CH" indicating the country of the sender. In the example above, "x" can be any letter of the Latin alphabet that ensures the uniqueness of each track code. Most often, delivery through Switzerland (Swiss Post) on AliExpress is paid, and is offered as an alternative to free methods, although there are exceptions.

How to track a Swiss Post parcel

Tracking the Swiss Post can be done both on the official website of the company and using a special mail tracker, in this case, the second option will be preferable, since at a later time it will allow you to check the movement of the parcel not only in Europe but also after import to the destination country.

How to track a Swiss Post parcel

In order to make it clearer how the parcel from China goes through Switzerland to you, we will explain some points. Of course, the seller is in China, where does the parcel come from, but how is it then in Switzerland? The whole point is that the international logistics company SendFromChina (SFC) Warehouse Fulfillment Service operates in China, which has its sorting points in China and is engaged in the delivery of goods through European countries.

By tracking the Swiss Post, you will be able to see how the parcel will first light up in Singapore, after a while it will be in Germany, only after that it will be at the disposal of the Swiss Postal Service.

Delivery times Swiss Post (parcels of Switzerland mail)

Like most parcels with AliExpress sent by transit through Europe, parcels through Switzerland are on average 20-35 days from the date of shipment, but as usual the guaranteed delivery time is set within 60 days.

Track code, after issuance, will not be tracked immediately, so there is no need to panic about this, those who have long been ordering for aliexpress know that the first information on the movement of the package begins to appear only a week after the issuance of the track code. If you are offered a Swiss Post as a free delivery, then you can no doubt agree, as such parcels reach without any problems and are tracked by the Swiss Post, right up until the parcel is delivered in the country of destination.

Delivery time Swiss Post

As is known, recently, many postal services and logistics companies are struggling with the shipment of batteries (batteries) and the goods of their containing parcels, the Swiss Post is no exception. According to our readers, some of them had to face confiscation of the battery, however, the parcel with the phone nevertheless reached, together with the act of seizing the battery. This is done to ensure the safety of air transportation. If you want to order something like this, take this into account, of course, not every parcel is checked, but the chances of getting a phone or a tablet without a 50/50 battery.