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Tracking TNT mail

The international express delivery service TNT Express is glad to welcome visitors to our website.

TNT, offers to its clients a wide range of guaranteed, reliable services for the urgent delivery of documents, parcels and packages of all kinds to virtually any country in the world.

More than 100 000 people from 200 countries of the world who work for TNT and each of which is a professional in their field, direct all efforts to provide their customers with the highest quality services. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of highly-qualified personnel, TNT has been proudly proud to be the European leader in express delivery of documents, parcels and cargoes for a long time.

However, despite TNT’s professional success and the growth that it promotes, our most important and most important clients for us were and still are. Without you there would be no TNT. Therefore, we are constantly working to provide convenient services for you to solve almost any transport problem. This is the key to TNT’s success.

TNT List of Services

TNT provides its customers the following services for the delivery of parcels:


Express delivery of documents, parcels and cargo all over the world.

This type of service includes door-to-door delivery on working days (Monday through Friday) during business hours. It is distributed to departures from both the Republic of Belarus (export) and the Republic of Belarus from abroad (import). A confirmation of delivery is available upon your request.

The maximum weight of one seat is 30 kg. The maximum weight of the shipment is 500 kg. If the parameters of your shipment exceed the above, please contact our staff for advice.

Economy Express

Economical delivery of goods from / to the Republic of Belarus weighing more than 5 kg to all countries of the world.

There are restrictions on the dimensions and weight of the items. For more information about the Economy Express service, please contact the TNT Express Minsk Commercial Department.

Express Import

You can send / receive your correspondence or goods using the "Pay by the receiver" service. In this case, the invoice will be sent to the recipient.

The service is provided upon request. For more information about the service, please contact the TNT Express Minsk Customer Service Department.

Domestic Express

Urgent delivery "from door to door" of correspondence, parcels and cargo to all cities of the Republic of Belarus.

Delivery is carried out from Monday to Friday during business hours. Confirmation of the shipment is available upon your request.

Priority mail

Using our services, you always have the opportunity to issue Priority, which will be given priority in the TNT network at all points from the place of departure to the destination.

Applicable for services 09:00, 10:00 and 12:00 Express, Express and Economy Express.

Tracking TNT packages

In an effort to make your logistics as easy as possible, we have developed an easy-to-use tracking system for your items.

In order to know the status of your shipment, whether it was delivered and who signed it, you just need to enter your waybill number (only numbers) in the box below and click on TRACK

* To check the status of your order:

  1. Find the tracking number (by invoice number or by customer tag)
  2. In the verification field, enter the invoice number or the customer's mark in accordance with the previous selection.
  3. Click "Track It"