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UPS (United Parcel Service) - American delivery service to the door. The company was established in 1907. UPS translates as "unified parcel delivery service." The company began as a private courier company. Today it is a billionaire corporation, which strictly follows the strategy of supporting commerce all over the world. The firm takes the leading place in the regulation of supply chains. UPS is famous for various versions of synchronization of cargo, information and cash flows. Sending and tracking of UPS mail is carried out in more than 200 countries of the world. The firm uses advanced technologies and helps to scale your business.

The daily volume of parcels and cargoes amounts to 18 million shipments and documents, while the daily requests for tracking UPS-shipments - 58.3 million UPS became a public company in 1999. It was then that the company acquired more than 40 companies, including leaders in freight transport, tycoons of air and road transport. Also, the list was replenished by firms that delivered goods of retail trade, business services, customs clearance, financial services and international trade. UPS is famous for its special policy, effective leadership and fast service for customers. The company has several divisions and logistics centers, UPS Airlines' own airlines and organization of shipments by UPS Supply Chain Solutions. You can use the delivery and tracking of YUPS on the corporate website. Here you can go through the simplest procedure of registration and arrange the delivery. Also you can calculate the cost and terms of shipment, use the service of tracking UPS-items. The site is presented in a variety of languages over the world.

Tracking UPS is possible with the help of the WherePost service. After the registration you will be able to subscribe to notifications of the location of your order.

If you have any questions about tracking UPS mail, please use the support phone: +1-800 742-5877. Also on the official website of the service you will find online support and the exact address of the company. Trust the world-famous company.

UPS Tracking Numbers

UPS issues tracking numbers for parcels and envelopes for easy tracking of the shipments all around the world. The UPS tracking system traces all shipments handled by UPS throughout to the destination. Each tracking code is generated automatically to avoid duplicates and mistakes within the system.

  • UPS tracking numbers have the following formatting:
    • 0Z111111111111111111
    • 11111111111
    • T1111111111
    • 888888888
  • UPS tracking system supports also the special tracking numbers that can contain from 7 up to 20 symbols:
    • Delivery Order/Sub-PRO Number: Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)/and Truckload (TL) child shipment tracking numbers
    • House Air Waybill: Heavy Air freight
    • House Bill of Lading: On Land/sea freight
    • PRO Number: UPS Surface freight
    • UPS InfoNotice: 12-number BarCode code applied on parcels and envelopes in some countries on delivery attempt.
    • UPS Service Notice: Written notice provided for addressee of UPS parcels and envelopes in some countries on delivery attempt

UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Numbers

UPS Mail Innovations® provides own tracking numbers to trace parcels sent through UPS MI and USPS networks for United States. These numbers are trackable both with UPS standard tracking service as well as with specially designated checker. The difference between the tracking numbers lies in the length of the code and terminology applied.

UPS Mail Innovations have the following tracking number format:

  • United States Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Number: a 22-34 digital code provided by the USPS on Delivery Confirmation request
  • Sequence Number (MMS/MMI Number): an 18 numerical identifier issued by UPS Mail Innovations or UPS Worldship
  • Mail Innovations Compliant Package ID: a barcode code provided by the shipper to each mail shipment by the following structure: MI6666662222222222222222222222

The code in compiled by the following components:

  • MI - a UPS Mail Innovations indicator
  • 666666 - a unique 6-number client code provided by UPS Mail Innovations
  • 222222222222222222222 - a unique code, up to 22 symbols, provided by the addresser to track UPS shipment. The code uses alpha-numerical symbols with no space and special characters. The same Identification number has not to be re-applied during 6 month from the first use.

How to track UPS parcels?

To be able to track the registered mailings, they are assigned a unique parcel number.

When sending, the parcel is automatically assigned a track number for identification and the ability to track the departure of UPS online. The UPS track code looks different from the standard UPU numbers and can represent any alphanumeric combination (up to 35 characters).

You can track UPS on the official United Parcel Service website. To do this, enter the postal identifier (the departure code track) into the specified box, then click the "Track" button. UPS tracking service is also available in the Russian-language version.

UPS courier company offers several ways to track parcels by track code:

  • Using numbers to track;
  • UPS tracking using reference numbers;
  • UPS tracking via email;
  • UPS tracking via UPS Internet Shipping;
  • Tracking UPS signatures.

Types of UPS tracking.

UPS tracking via email

In order to track UPS by email, you only need to send your numbers to track the parcel. After this, in the shortest possible time you will receive detailed information about the status of the parcel. UPS tracking service via e-mail enables you to track up to 25 items in one e-mail.

UPS track and trace using tracking numbers

To track UPS using a reference number, you need to assign a reference number to it as an order number (up to 35 characters) when you design a parcel. This method will help to track the mail without entering the track number.

UPS Signature Tracking

Tracking UPS Signature Tracking- A way to track UPS using the Internet. This method will provide you with detailed information on the process of sending and delivering a mail item. UPS Signature Tracking speeds up the process of registering invoices and providing customer service. When tracking UPS signatures, the client receives:

  • The name of the recipient and the delivery address;
  • Image of the signature.

UPS tracking via SMS.

This is a convenient way to learn about the current status of the item anytime. Requirements for access:

  • Connecting a mobile device to the Internet;
  • Location in the network access area;
  • Caller ID is available on your phone.

UPS tracking via US-Package

Our website offers an opportunity to know where your parcel is at the moment. Just enter the UPS tracking number into the text field and click “Track”. And you know exact status of your parcel in seconds.